Intruder Alarm Monitoring

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Licensed by Management Systems Certification and
Private Security Authority (PSA)

Since 2007 AR ALARMS Fire & Security have installed countless monitored intruder alarms giving peace of mind to countless businesses and homes across the country. AR ALARMS Fire & Security are licensed by Management Systems Certification and the Private Security Authority for the installation of intruder alarms systems. This enables us to set up intruder alarm monitoring for your home or business. If your intruder alarm is activated our central monitoring station will contact you within seconds If they cannot get hold of you immediately, they will then proceed to contact your list of approved key-holders as supplied by you. In addition, they will contact the Gardai for any verified alarm from your home or business A 'verified alarm' means that two zones of your intruder alarm have been activated. For example, we can detect if a 'contact' on a window or door has been broken, followed by the intruder being picked up on a 'movement detector. Our Monitoring station will also immediately respond to any panic alarm or fire alarm. Depending on the type of device and grade of your monitoring it can detect loss of phone line, broadband or mobile network or if your alarm panel has gone offline. One very important thing you must keep in mind is Next Generation Networks This is the telephone network upgrade from copper to fiber, which accommodates higher speed broadband services. This will affect your intruder alarm monitoring so you need Know what way your intruder alarm monitoring works.

Monitoring Devices

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The GSM/GPRS unit is supplied with a pre-fitted World SIM that will only work with that device. The unit communicates with SecureComm - our cloud based solution via the HKC APP . SecureComm provides a heartbeat (polled) connection to the GSM-SC which will signal a loss of communication in the event of an interruption in the GPRS signal.* All alarms and alerts are notified to the user via the Smartphone APP and Monitoring station. EN 50136-1, Category S2. Nowadays with phone lines being upgrade to fiber your HKC GSM/WIFI will not be affected.

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DTV (Dialler, Text, and Voice) is a plug on communicator. It can send signals to a central monitoring station or mobile phone when connected to an active phone line in your premises.

DigiAir UDL 600x600

CSL Grade Shift

The CSL Grade shift can be configured for Grade 2 ,3,4 monitoring, some insurance companies are requesting Grade 3 and 4 monitoring. The CSL Grade Shift covers all areas • Multiple signaling paths on board - GPRS and LAN/IP • The ultimate signaling solution for premium commercial installations • EN Grade 4 (DP3) dual path signaling service for maximum insurance approval and loss protection • Polling via Gemini every minute • Upgrade to Grade Shift UDL available

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CSL DualCom DigiAir utilizes all mobile networks, via our WorldSIM, to signal an alarm from a protected premise to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Designed for low to medium risk premises, it is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators, as it eliminates call costs and phone charges. Unlike older digital communicators, DigiAir does not rely on copper to send a signal, so it is not affected by fiber broadband the DigiAir is small enough to fit into any existing control panels.

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