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Keeping Business Secure

At AR ALARMS Fire & Security we install a wide rage of Access control products whether it may be one single door with mag lock and keypad or a block of apartments with multiple button intercom linked to phones in the apartments to card readers on large scale office blocks. Everyone wants to keep their businesses secure therefore it is wise to install an access control system on your premises. These systems will limit your security threats, giving you peace of mind. It is common to find an area in any business that needs to be restricted from customers or staff. There are many premises, for example hospitals, schools, pubs, shops, government buildings, apartments to name a few. These organisations understand that it is very important to keep the public or staff from roaming freely in their facilities. Access Control systems will help determine who has permission to go where within the building.

Access control can be used for more than just opening doors. You can use this technology to open barriers and gates, all linked to one card/fob. Insuring only authorised access is granted.

PC Based Access Control systems can keep track of each time a card/fob has been used. As soon as a card has been scanned on a card reader the system will record where the card has been scanned and at what time. So, it is easy to know who accessed an area and at what time.

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